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Cinthya Grajeda, Frank Breitinger, and Ibrahim Baggili. “Availability of Datasets for digital forensics – and what is missing”. In: Digital Investigation (2017). (Presented at DFRWS 2017, Austin, TX)


Alexa Top SitesLists the top sites on the web around the world. The first 50 are free to view.
CG Society This website is accessible through a subscription and allows graphic designers, etc. to showcase and market their work. It contains a great variety of 3D graphics one can download for free.
Creative Crash This website is accessible through a subscription and allows graphic designers, etc. to showcase and market their work. These are computer generated graphics (3D images), etc.
District of Columbia Open DataThis website is based on statistics and information about the District of Columbia. Data can be downloaded in different formats (e.g., CSV \& XML) and is open for public use.
Exploit Database ArchiveArchive of exploits, shellcode, and security papers
Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel DevicesIt contains binary image files/firmware for Nexus and Pixel devices.
F-SecureLists the most recently published threat descriptions, with technical details and removal instructions for threats that affect computers and mobile devices.
HackmageddonList of one year of Android malware with linked descriptions to Trend Micro's website
Hashsets.comPrivate databse of hashes consiting of unidentified computer operating system files (MS Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD, Solaris), other common software applications, manufacturer hardware and software drivers, etc. Also, includes hashes from the NSRL.
McAfeeSearchable threat library.
National Software Refernce Library (NSRL)List of over 100 million hashes of applications, test data (files), source code, and executable tools.
National Vulnerability DatabaseDatabases of security checklists, security related software flaws, misconfigurations, product names, and impact metrics.
OVAL - Open Vulnerability and Assessment LanguageData Files of all vulnerability, compliance, inventory, and patch definitions for supported platforms
Open Malware/Offensive ComputingMalware querying database - search for malware and download for free
Phototampering GalleryPhototampering throughout history gallery that is curated by Fourandsix Technologies, Inc., providers of the image authentication service at
Random.orgRandom number and string generator
Samsung UpdatesOffers the latest firmware images for Samsung devices.
Symantec - Worldwide Intelligence Network Environment (WINE) Collection of telemetry data from over 75 million systems. These are occurrences of all the known host and network-based attacks. Approval is required to access the data.
Trend MicroURL scanner for malware
Virus TotalScanner - analyzes suspicious files and URLs for malware
WhoisIP and traceroute scanner
WiktionaryOpen content dictionaries in many languages. It allows for download of wordlists.